Jia Hsin


Jia Hsin Co., Ltd. is 100% Taiwan invested EVA sandals manufacturer, with factory located in Long An province. Their products are exported around the world under brands like Adidas, Puma, Reef, The North Face.

In 2014, Jia Hsin would like to demonstrate their production facility and highlight their social responsibility side, so they asked Form to develop their website and corporate video.

We’ve been commissioned to work on building a photo collection of Jia Hsin factory, the office staffs, workers, the products in studio and also with models using them where they should be used: the beach, pool side and the street.

Jia Hsin web site is filled with a lot of content where visitors, employees and clients can find almost everything they need to know about the company. It is complete with a custom CMS so their web admin can easily update the content.

As with other sites we develop, Jia Hsin web site is also fully responsive design, to ensure consistency and accessibility across all devices.


With a large company like Jia Hsin, big factory with thousands employee, many lines of production and departments, a corporate video is a great way to demonstrate their capability, delivering their message and commitment. We’ve been working with Jia Hsin from writing the storyline, help drafting the script, arrange the shooting, to complete with voice over and post production.

Watch Jia Hsin’s corporate video hereunder, produced by Form.

“Working with Form was a great experience. They were very responsive and flexible to achieve the best resutls.”

Nguyen Lam Hoang Ai / Senior Manager – Jia Hsin